Jenny Jeong

Law Student Committee Chair

Boseul “Jenny” Jeong is a J.D. Candidate, 2020, at the George Washington University Law School. She is interested in cross-border litigation and transactions. Jenny interned at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia this past summer. She is also a member of The George Washington Law Review and Alternative Dispute Resolution Board.

Originally from Korea, Jenny first came to the United States for her undergraduate degree at the George Washington University. After graduation, she worked at non-profit organizations in Korea researching variety of issues including labor trafficking in fishing industries and asylum application system in Europe. In law school, she has been actively engaged in Asian Pacific American law students community as well.

Jenny has received her BA in International Affairs and Political Science; and is a J.D. Candidate at the George Washington University.

Contact Information

Jenny Jeong
JD Candidate, 2020
The George Washington University Law School