KABA-DC Joins the Black Community in Commemoration of Juneteenth and Stance Against Racial Discrimination and Systemic Bias



June 18, 2020

As our nation pauses to commemorate the historical and social significance of Juneteenth, the Korean-American Bar Association of Washington DC takes this opportunity to express its solidarity with the Black community in standing firm against racial discrimination and systemic bias.

As lawyers and law students, we are committed to the rule of law as the means of creating a just society. One of the pillars of the rule of law is fair and impartial policing, which keeps us safe in our homes and allows businesses to prosper. But when those to whom we look to uphold the law and protect society instead violate the civil rights of those they have sworn to protect and serve, the rule of law is mocked.

Recent events in which African Americans have been killed by law enforcement officers under suspicious circumstances have made plain that these are not isolated acts of violence and lawlessness, but rather part of a pattern of racial discrimination, which must end. None of us can continue to be silent observers. KABA-DC supports peaceful protests against these injustices and looks forward to changes in institutions and policies, some of which have already been implemented, to address the systemic biases in our society.

KABA-DC is committed to diversity, inclusion, and justice. We demand change. Black lives matter.