Status on Responding to Professor J. Mark Ramseyer’s Publications


Happy Lunar New Year!

As we celebrate the new Year of the Ox and send wishes of a happy and healthy year to all of the KABA-DC members and friends, we would also like to inform you that we are painfully aware of the false, misleading and inflammatory article and op-ed published by Professor J. Mark Ramseyer of Harvard Law School on sex trafficking and slavery during World War II. 

We also understand that several media outlets, organizations, and supporters of the Korean community have issued press releases condemning the publication. 

KABA-DC also has been in communication with several parties for the last couple of weeks and is carefully preparing multiple responses, including a letter to the editorial board of the journal that published the article, a call to action request to politicians, and a joint response action with other affinity bar organizations. 

As forerunner of the 2014 joint statement, KABA-DC continues to support seeking truth and reconciliation regarding the wartime tragedy and sex trafficking.  We also condemn those who would use the comfort women issue as an excuse to attack the Japanese American community.  

We will keep you updated with our responses.

In the meantime, please enjoy safe and joyous holidays and join our festive celebration on February 25, at 7 pm ET.