Standing With the Truth: Stop Revisionist History About "Comfort Women"

Joint statement of bar associations representing Korean American legal communities
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February 25, 2021 

We, the organizations representing Korean and Korean American attorneys across the United States and around the world, stand in solidarity with the young girls and women who were abducted, trafficked, and used as sex slaves for the military of the Japanese Empire before and during World War II.


We honor the memory of those “comfort women” who have passed and stand up for the dignity of those few who remain against Harvard Law School Professor J. Mark Ramseyer’s attempt to paint these victims as well-compensated prostitutes in the recent article, Contracting for Sex in the Pacific War.


While we respect academic freedom, we are deeply concerned by Professor Ramseyer’s thesis, which ignores decades of contrary scholarship and evidence.


We urge the International Review of Law and Economics to retract and withdraw his article.


We further urge our colleagues at Harvard Law School to distance themselves from Professor Ramseyer’s article and decline to lend legitimacy and credibility to this attempt at historical denialism.

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